Mylo’s Puppy Portriats

Meet Mylo! He’s a super sweet 16-year old Pomeranian. He may be mostly deaf and nearly blind, but for being as old as he is Mylo is still active and in great health. I had so much fun hanging out with Mylo and his “parents”, Jocelyn and Lawrence, at Hampton Park last evening! He truly is a special pup who found a beautiful home and has had a wonderful life!!!

Pet Portraits

Cami and I are animal lovers! I always enjoy photographing pets. So while we were visiting family over the holidays, I offered to do a few portraits of their beloved 4-legged fur-babies!!! 🙂

(Nikon Z9 with animal eye-detect enabled, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 Z, Sony XQD cards)

Animal Eye-Detect with the Nikon Z9

As most of you know, Cami has a HUGE heart and absolutely adores loving on every dog she meets!

This week, she’s been watching over Callie & Jax, whos owners are away for a much-needed vacation. She asked me if I wanted to come over to their house tonight to take a few pictures of these beautiful dogs for the owners. Not having had a chance to test out the Animal Eye-Detection mode of the new Z9, I jumped at the idea! Don’t worry, I didn’t do it for free…Cami rewarded me with a delicious Thai dinner, asparagus, and quinoa with brown rice. 🙂

But I had to earn my meal. So we went out to their back yard and I got to work. With the Z9 set to back-button AF, using Dynamic Area Auto-Focus mode, and choosing Animal Eye-Detect, any time I pointed the the camera towards Callie or Jax, it immediately snapped right onto their eyes. It was absolutely magical! The early evening light was spectacular. And we came away with some fun images for Callie & Jax’s owners to enjoy when they get home. 🙂

Nikon Z9 + Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VRII + FTZII adapter

The Magic of a Retouching Artist

Some of our clients, like Caldwell Commercial, use our talented retouching artists to keep their headshots and team photos updated!
As a company grows and expands, some employees move on, and new ones join the team. When this happens, most companies have me come out to photograph new headshots and re-do the team photo. However, deciding on a location, and gathering everyone back together periodically can be difficult with their hectic schedules. Bob Caldwell was a talented photographer in his day. So we worked together to come up with a “digital” backdrop that he liked for his company’s headshots as well as their group shot!
When a new member (or an adorable new mascot) joins the team, I come out and photograph them against clean wall in their office, send the images off to our our trusted and talented Retouching Lab, the artists do their magic, and PRESTO…we have a new headshot that matches everyone else, and a new team photo with the right faces in it! 🙂
Please help me welcome Aleah and Cooper to a fantastic team!!!

Porch Portraits with the Roberts Family

If you don’t have an AMAZING eye-doctor already, I highly recommend Dr. Lori at Belle Hall Eye Care! That’s who I choose to take care of my eyes and she’s fantastic.

A few days ago I had the privilege of photographing Porch Portraits or “Porchaits” for her and her amazing daughter. We had so much fun, capturing photos of Ellie playing with their chickens, horses, cats and dogs. 🙂 Using telephoto lenses, I was able to shoot all these from over 6 feet away while keeping my social-distancing and helping to flatten the curve.

Dr. Lori and Ellie are such beautiful young ladies, both inside and out. It was such an honor preserving these memories for them!!!

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Fisher Family (and Pets) at Waterfront Park

A few days ago I got together with long-time friends and clients, Holly & Clint, to photograph their new family portraits. In addition to Kate being “all grown up”, they’ve added another 4-legged family member to the mix! It may have seemed like chaos to on-lookers, but it was a FUN chaos!!!

I had photograph Clint, who finished near the front of the pack in the Charleston Rugged Maniac competition a few weeks ago. So it was nice to see him all cleaned up for a change…HA! And it was great catching up with Holly and all her amazing endeavors!!! I can’t wait ’till the next one…