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Brittany & Mitch

Brittany & Mitchell’s wedding absolutely MADE MY WEEK!!! I knew when I photographed their engagement session that I was in for a wild ride with these two. 🙂 It was freezing, windy, and threatening to storm that day when we arrived at Folly Beach. Most couples would have turned their tails and RAN! But Brittany & Mitch were all gung-ho and we ended up with the most awesome, DRAMATIC images as a result. Well, their wedding day turned out GORGEOUS and I ended up getting the most dramatic shots of a different nature! I usually don’t have any trouble picking out a few of my favorites for this Blog. But I had the HARDEST time narrowing it down to just these few black-and-whites. Their ceremony was at the picture-perfect Legend Oaks Plantation. Their flower girls were adorable. Their bridesmaids and groomsman were a TRIP! Mitch was actually a groomsman in Emily & Brian’s wedding, which I photographed a few years ago. (Thanks for the AWESOME referral you guys!) So it was cool to see them returning the favor to their friends and pulling the line as part of the wedding party this time. After all the craziness died down, Brittany & Mitch invited me to come photograph a few cool images of them at the Flowertown B&B;, where they spent their honeymoon night. So I’ll end with one of those images. Leave us some love on the Blog. And Click Here to see the rest…
CONGRATULATIONS Brittany & Mitch. You are two “wild and crazy guys”!