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Bridal Portrait

Since most brides-to-be don’t want their fiance to see their wedding gown before the Big Day, I rarely get a chance to showcase any Bridal Portraits for fear that the groom-to-be might go peaking on our website. So today I thought I’d just post a few of my favorite Bridal Portraits from recent sessions.

Typically scheduled several months before the wedding, but after the final fitting of the dress, Bridal Portraits are an important part of wedding photography. Often on the wedding day, there are so many things going on all at once, that a bride really can’t fully relax and enjoy her time in front of the camera. So by spending this time BEFORE the wedding focusing on simply doing one thing, creating GORGEOUS images of her in her gown, she doesn’t have to feel rushed to do them on the wedding day. This is also a wonderful time for us to get to know each other and have some fun working together. Plus, one fringe benefit to doing this in advance is that she can have a beautiful portrait on display at the reception hall on the day of the wedding!

On TOP of all this, there are SO MANY incredibly picturesque locations in historic Charleston that can be used to create STUNNING portraits…Boone Hall, Waterfront Park, Lowndes Grove Plantation, Middleton Place, White Point Gardens, and the list goes on. Instead of just settling for a portrait in the sanctuary of the church where you’re having your wedding, why not hand pick a truly unique, historic, or meaningful location that will elevate your images to the next level?

So when you’re planning your wedding, whatever you do, DON’T forget the Bridal Portrait session!