Ashlynn & Allen at First Baptist Church & The Hibernian

What an AMAZING time I had at Ashlynn & Allen’s wedding celebration last weekend!!! It was a beatuful day, Ashlynn was a stunning southern bride, and Allen was quite the handsome gentleman.

They were married at the historic First Baptist Church in downtown Charleston…and they packed the house! I loved so many things about their big day. But one of my favorites was that Ashlynn handed the flower girl a private note to give to Allen when she got down the isle. I wonder what it said because he got a big ol’ grin on his face after reading it. 🙂

The reception at The Hibernian was absolutely awesome. The band Flashback really rocked the place and everyone had a grand time all night long. To see more of their photos, head over to

CONGRATULATIONS Ashlynn & Allen! May God Bless YOU as you journey together down this wonderful path you have chosen!!!


  1. by Lynn Rada on May 8, 2012  1:25 am Reply

    Hey Chris!
    You did an Amazing job with the pictures at the wedding and the ones before!!!! We probably "wore you out" but they are really beautiful and capture both of the "children's" personalities exactly the way they are!! I will absolutely purchase pictures, but it may take me awhile to decide....I still have not seen all of them! Thank you for your hard work perserving a lifetime of memories that we will treasure forever! I still have an "A" (Ashley) to get married and you will definitely be at the top of our list when she finds her soulmate!
    Thank you again....and yes, this is Allen's Mama who hides from cameras!!! I wish now that Ashley, Allen, and I had more pictures with the three of us since life was the three of us until a little over 4 years ago. Not your worry....I should have asked more questions . This was new for me and I was apparently in la la land....HA.!! Most say I am really blonde under this brown hair!!!
    Take care and I will probably give you a call about what I buy when things settle down a little!!
    With kindest regards and blessings!
    Lynn (the other one-Allen's Mom)

  2. by admin on May 8, 2012  8:09 am Reply

    You are SO SWEET, Lynn!!! Thank you for the kind comments and encouraging words. It was such a pleasure being a part of Ashlynn & Allen's wedding celebration. And I would be completely honored to be there for Ashley as well. She will certainly be a beautiful bride when her day comes! One of my favorite shots is Allen's expression when she kissed him on the cheek!!! :-)

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