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Andrew & Christie’s Proposal at Boone Hall Plantation

Words can’t describe how AWESOME it was to be a witness (and an accomplis) to Andrew’s secret proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Christie, this week!

Andrew had been planning this thing since January. Wednesday morning when Christie woke up in Boston (where they live) and dressed to go to work, he stopped her and said “pack a bag, you’re not going to work today”. They flew to Charleston that morning. Had a nice lunch together. Then he’d arranged for a limo to drop them off at Boone Hall.

Andrew and I had concocted a game plan, complete with a full recon package that included little pins on Google Maps, showing where I’d be hiding, and where the best views would be for him to “do the deed”, pictures of them so I’d know what they looked like, descriptions of clothing they’d be wearing, etc. After they arrived, I secretly followed them around, catching candids as they toured the plaantation. He knew that she loved old, southern plantations, which is why he and I had on Boone Hall as the perfect location.

As they approached the area I was in, I hid from view behind one of the giant live oaks, and focused my 400mm lens on “the spot” we had picked out. Andrew is in the military, so he nailed the location perfectly even though he’s never been here before! And I got great shots of his proposal, with the outstretched branches, draped in Spanish moss, creating a natural cathedral over them.

After Christie had caught her breath, Andrew pointed me out in the distance. We hugged and laughted, and she LOVED that Andrew had planned in advance to capture this special moment for her! Taking advantage of the perma-grin (her words) on Christie’s face, we did a fun mini engagement session before I drove them back to Charleston Place.

I know Andrew had SO MANY excititing surprises waitng for Christie all weekend. I knew they were going to Husk for a delicious meal…and that he had secretly arranged for his 3 best friends, and her 3 best friends to fly down on another flight, and meet them for dinner! After a day or so exploring Charleston, I believe he was flying her to visit her family to show off the new bling. And there were several other amazing pieces to his grand plan…any one of which would have been a great way to propose in themselves!

Doesn’t Andrew sound like an AWESOME guy?!? I’m not surprised he did all that, Christie is just stunning and sweet and loveable and absolutely PERFECT for him! CONGRATULATIONS you guys!!! I’m so happy for you both.