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Amelia Shadows Chris & Cami Photography

Our friends Byron & Kathleen have an extraordinarily intelligent daughter. Yet for some reason she decided she wanted to shadow Cami & I for her class “Career Day”. ūüėČ Seriously, we are thrilled that she thinks photography might be an interesting career…we sure think so!

We had a BALL teaching her all kinds of things! I don’t think she was that thrilled about all the billing, taxes, and business part of being a photographer. But we did a fun photo shoot, during which she even took over and became “photographer-for-a-day”. Since she’s a big animal-lover, we got Marley to be our model.¬†Amelia was so great with Marley that I had to get a shot of them together at the end.¬† Except for Cami’s Behind-the-Scenes photos, and my two portraits of her and Marley, these were all shot by our little apprentice!!!

Then we went hiking through Caw Caw County Park, where Amelia learned who to “see” light, how to look for unique perspectives, how to create silhouettes, how to find reflections, how to use shadows as subjects, how to use the rule-of-thirds, and much more!

She even edited all her own work in Adobe¬†Lightroom! Then we transmitted her favorites to a local lab so she and her dad could pick up the prints on their way home. I think Amelia had as much fun as we did. And I hope she’ll enjoy passing her pictures around for show-and-tell when she gets back to class tomorrow!