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Allison & Brett

What better way to top off my fun birthday excursion Saturday morning, then to hang out with the COOLEST BRIDE & GROOM ever! Allison & Brett tied the knot on Folly Beach amidst the drama of gale-force winds and tornadoes in the vicinity that eventually knocked out power to the whole town. But that didn’t faze them ONE BIT! I arrived at the beach house they had rented to get ready in. And after getting some cool shots of each of them preparing for the Big Day, I photographed their “First Glance” from a distance while they embraced, exchanged gifts, and Brett shared with Allison the long-held secret of where they were going on their honeymoon!!! 🙂 Then off to Charleston on the Beach where they had a beautiful service, performed with style by Travis (Brett’s brother-in-law), accompanied by Christopher Teves (who’s CD Cover I had the honor of photographing last year), orchestrated by Rory Welsh (a fantastic wedding planner I must say) and cheered on by the crowd of Saint Patrick’s Day partyers that had gathered on the terrace. Later, the storms had whipped up a dramatic sky that I REALLY wanted to use for some beautiful images of the two of them. I remember is was SO WINDY at this point that most brides wouldn’t have been CRAZY enough to endure it for a photo! But Allison and Brett were AWESOME and I got tons of prize-winners as a result!!! Click here to see the rest of the photos. Allison & Brett, you guys were WONDERFUL to work with and it was such an honor to spend my birthday with you two and all your friends and family who came out to help you celebrate this special day in your lives!