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ALL THINGS NIKON with Mark Suban at CCforP

Many thanks to the incredibly knowledgeable Mark Suban from Nikon Professional Services for teaching the “All Things Nikon” Seminar yesterday!  It was held at the Charleston Center for Photography, graciously hosted by Stacy Pearall & Andy Dunaway.  We really drilled down into the dark recesses of our menu systems, and talked about the myriad of tools and settings at our disposal in these amazing cameras to help us make the most use of them and get the best images in every situation!  Plus of course it’s always fun to play with the latest new lenses and accessories that are out.  J

(Some of these were shot on my new Nikon Coolpix P-7000, which I love!  Others were shot with one of my D3s and either the 50mm f1.4G or the 14-24 f2.8.)