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A Compelling Image

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on a project for the Charleston Regional Business Journal. It’s an assignment I enjoy shooting every year because of the variety of challenges involved. I basically photograph a whole bunch of businesses that will be featured in a special Profiles In Business issue of the publication. The companies could be involved in anything from construction to health care to law to real estate…you name it! Sometimes the photo entails positioning over a hundred employees, a helicopter, and two BMW’s on a park in front of the new Arthur Ravanel Jr. Bridge!!! Other times it’s just an individual like in this photo for Charleston’s only upscale facility of it’s kind, V Health Club. I like the clean, bright atmosphere, the negative space, the balance of the bright window on the left with the one on the right, the way the diagonal line of nautilus machines draws your eye to the subject, and how Tracie’s colorful outfit contrasts with the neutrality of the equipment behind her. It ALL comes together for a compelling image!