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A Colorful Affair

I’m such a SUCKER for bright colors! And Jenni & Jeremy’s wedding last weekend was so full of bright, cheerful colors that I was like a kid in a CANDY store. OK…enough with the puns about the lollipops in the last image! 🙂 I also had an extra boost of fun getting to meet and work with Valerie, who was the Matron of Honor and also a photographer with Richard Bell Photography. We had a BLAST bouncing ideas off each other and just sharing in our mutual passion for photography.

Jenni & Jeremy’s ceremony took place at Church of the Holy Cross on Sullivan’s Island. Since Jenni had grown up going to church in the old sanctuary, I really wanted to incorporate it into some of their photos. Of course I couldn’t resist using the beautiful red door to the old building. They turned out AWESOME. How fitting is it that the new sanctuary has this gorgeous red carpet everywhere?!? The folks at the church were a pleasure to work with. I’m so honored to have visually preserved this beautiful service so that these two can look back and remember the joy of this special day.

After the service, a WONDERFUL reception was held at Alhambra Hall. It was clear how important the fellowship of friends and family was to these two. They mingled and hugged and danced with EVERYONE. It brought a smile to my heart to even see their grandparents out there cuttin‘ the rug! When it was time for the toasts, the heartfelt remarks made it just as clear how important Jenni & Jeremy are to everyone who’s lives they have touched.

CONGRATULATIONS Jenni & Jeremy! You guys are truly blessed with an AWESOME support group of family and friends. See ALL their photos in our Online Gallery