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2nd Annual Florida Birding Adventure

It’s OFFICIAL! Last year’s Florida Birding Adventure was so much fun that I’ve scheduled another one this year.

Of course photographing people is and always will remain my passion. There’s nothing like capturing the emotions and energy of a wedding, the bonds and relationships of a family session, or the innocence and exuberance of a child’s portrait!

But being an animal lover, and enjoying the great outdoors with child-like wonder, it’s fun to get away and test my photographic skills at capturing some dramatic avian photographs. It’s a lot harder than it looks. Capturing a gorgeous, well-exposed, sharply focused wildlife photo takes a lot of patience, a vigilant eye for beautiful light, excellent camera skills, and anticipating “the moment”. Fortunately, all of these are paramount to being a good people photographer too! I find that one genre of photography sharpens me for the other.

Here are a few from last year’s adventure. I can’t wait to see what this year’s trip has in store!!!