Wireless Lighting Workshop

My heart was beating, my head was spinning, everything was happening so fast! Before I knew it, Virgil was introducing me and I was ON!

I’m scared to death of public speaking. But I LOVE what I do and love sharing my passion with others! So after the initial jitters wore off, everything went great. My Wireless Lighting Workshop was held at Virgil’s gorgeous studio at CVI Photography. It was hosted by the Professional Photographer of South Carolina. And it was sponsored by folks like Nikon, RadioPopper, Zenfolio, MPIX, and Canvas On Demand. We had a fantastic turnout with about 40 photographers from around the state, some as far away as Greenville! I did a short presentation about the principles of wireless lighting. Then we went out into the historic alley behind the studio and did a LIVE photo shoot…no pressure there!!! J That was followed by dinner, fellowship, and networking. Finally we reconvened to review the images and have more discussion on tools and techniques. It really was a BLAST!

We couldn’t have pulled it off without the generous contributions of many talented folks. I have to thank Virgil, Eddie of ProWedding Entertainment, Frankie of Flowers by Frankie, Juliet of Juliet Elizabeth Photography, Molly of D’Lish Desserts, Dwight of Royal Limousine, Pamela of Makeup Artist Charleston, and my lovely model and favorite client, Brittany McDougal. The best part about the workshop is we raised a ton of donations, including lots of dog food, to donate to the Charleston Animal Society. Many thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who attended!!!

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  1. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:01 am Reply

    All I know is that you need to give props to that guy who saved your SB when it was falling. Great Workshop Chris! Showing students things I picked up from ya. See you @ the Cup

    - Michael

  2. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:03 am Reply

    I was at the wireless workshop...I'm not that familiar with radiopoppers, but would love to start using them... If you get a minute and feel like helping out a wireless newbie...
    - Amanda

  3. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:04 am Reply

    Chris, thank you so much for your dedication to the PPSC-- putting on a workshop like last night was certainly a time consuming adventure. Hanging on every word, I hope to be able to internalize something that I can use in my photography. I applaud you -- your photography is so beautiful. Hope to see you again at the convention.
    - Pat Dew

  4. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:14 am Reply

    Wanted to say Thanks for sharing all your Zen knowledge! Good stuff. My brain is on overdrive with all your wisdom.
    - Tomme

  5. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:14 am Reply

    Hi Chris - It was nice meeting you yesterday (I was the one from - dare I say it...columbia!) Thanks for an awesome workshop and demo! Hope to see you around!

  6. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:15 am Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful class! I'm looking forward to convention in a couple of weeks. :)
    - Kate

  7. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:16 am Reply

    hey chris!
    thanks so much for all the work you put into the workshop. i really enjoyed it!
    i will make sure for the next lunch i'm not working!! :D

    have a great rest of your week.

    - juliet

  8. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:18 am Reply


    Thank you so much for having me out and allowing me to sit in on your seminar.

    Everyone from Juliet, your model, to Virgil, to the familiar faces I did know (Liz Duren, Nathan Bell, Tammy Bevins). . . everyone was so hospitable.

    You are a great instructor, regardless of whether or not you "failed speech." I think you had positive feedback, and it was obvious to me that you are master of your domain. I'd love to have a copy of the Richard Avedon and other quote you used in your presentation. All of this is still mulling around in my head, but I feel a great blog coming on :) Whenever you have some photos up and ready, please send some my way.

    Wishing you continued success and esteem among your peers.

    Many thanks,

  9. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:28 am Reply

    Had a very nice time at the lighting seminar with the fabulous Chris Smith of Chris and Cami Photography. Thanks Virgil for hosting. :)
    - Mell

  10. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:30 am Reply

    Chris and Virgil -

    Thanks again for hosting the workshop last night! It was not only extremely helpful, but a good time as well. You two have a lot of talent and I appreciate you opening your doors!


  11. by Anonymous on January 28, 2010  8:31 am Reply

    Love that pics!!

  12. by Matt Daniel on January 28, 2010  9:35 am Reply


    It was a fun night and, as always, I appreciate all the knowledge you shared! Til next time...


  13. by admin on January 28, 2010  4:37 pm Reply

    Really enjoyed it, you did an awesome job!!! Thanks for your time and effort, it was amazing!!
    - Jennifer

  14. by admin on January 28, 2010  4:44 pm Reply

    I bet you were wonderful chris. You're a natural people person!
    - Val

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