Welcome to Romania!

As most of you know, I recently traveled to Romania.  Here are a few of my favorites of some young people dressed in traditional outfits.  We saw them warming up for a performance they had later that evening.  When my new friends Mihaela & Ana asked them if they’d be interested in working with me, they went for it!  Zack was there with me and did an excellent job as a lighting assistant, holding an SB-800 with a warming gel for a little extra kick to the lighting in some of the shots.  I loved the colorful details in their outfits!    


  1. by Venesa on August 12, 2010  11:52 am Reply

    Love the reflection you captured and the intense look in her eyes (in the second to last photo).

  2. by Moise on August 12, 2010  12:49 pm Reply

    Great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. by Rebeca on August 12, 2010  5:17 pm Reply

    OHHH....this is totally Romania!.....WONDERFUL PICTURES!

  4. by Larry on August 14, 2010  9:57 pm Reply

    Nice job Chris. Never been but Romania is on my list.

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