Wedding in a Wine Vineyard

Recently I’ve been doing a lot more Destination Weddings. Since Charleston is such a huge destination location, I guess it was only a matter of time. What we see happening is that brides who come to Charleston to get married often have young & single friends, family members, and bridal attendants who come from all over the country to attend the wedding. A few years later when THEY become engaged, they remember what a great job we did at their friend’s wedding and call to ask if we travel. Since Cami & I both enjoy traveling, the answer of course is always a resounding “YES”! Ryan & Sarah held their wedding at a famous vineyard in the northern hills of Georgia. Ryan’s brother, Stan, and his beautiful fiance, Holly, got married here in Charleston last year. Both Ryan & Sarah and Stan & Holly were so much FUN! I feel like I’ve gotten to know their family and become a friend instead of just “the photographer”. It’s always a pleasure working with such WONDERFUL people. And it’s so INSPIRING to work in new and exciting locations. I’ve shot weddings as far as Phoenix, Dayton, and Norfolk…and all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Now I’m just waiting for that call from the couple getting married in Barbados!!! 🙂

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  1. by Anonymous on October 23, 2009  6:14 am Reply

    Being the mother of Stan and Ryan I can say that you are such professionals with what you do and such friends with the way you behave that it was truly a pleasure to have Chris & Cami Photography do both weddings. Plus I didn't have to worry about one wedding being better photographed than the other--they were unique and perfect. Anne Jones

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