Violet & Steve at Mile High Station in Denver

Last weekend I had so much fun photographing Violet & Steve’s beautiful wedding at the historic Mile High Station in Denver, CO!

They were a referral from my good friends Bill & Kelli Nixon (…many thanks for connecting us! When Violet and Steve contacted me, I could tell we were a perfect fit. They are just as fun-loving and young-at-heart as I am!!! 🙂

My good friend Stan Foxworthy (, who was out there visiting his family, came out to help me and join in the fun! We had a great time working together, and coming up with so many creative shots. A big thanks goes out to Stan!

The wedding day turned out to be beautiful and perfect! Located next door to the Sports Authority Field, the Mile High Station has a wonderful history as a steel and manufacturing facility during WWI and WWII. The old brick walls and eclectic interior was so much fun to work with!

Everything went off without a hitch, and everyone had a BLAST at Violet & Steve’s big celebration! CONGRATULATIONS you two!!! 🙂

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