The $10,000 Butcher’s Table

Although we’ve been freelancing for the Charleston Magazine group for some time now, we were pleased to have our first feature article and cover photo published in the winter issue of Charleston Home. Mel and the rest of the team at the magazine have always been wonderful to work with! And when they found out I had grown up in the Belgian Congo, had spent time in Belgium, and that my parents had studied French there – they knew I was perfectly suited for this assignment. Why? Well it turns out that the owner of this beautiful house we were covering was originally from Belgium! Needless to say, we hit it off right away when I greeted him with a properly accented “comment ca va?”. As it turned out, his grandparents spent some time in the Congo. So we shared that in common. And since he’s a gourmet chef…and I love to eat…we also had THAT in common. 🙂 At any rate, Thierry and his beautiful wife, Melinda were WONDERFUL to work with. And they’ve made a GORGEOUS home out of the house they bought near the Battery. Next time you’re at Barnes & Noble, pick up a copy and admire the antique butcher’s block that sits in their entryway. He was once offered $10,000 for it!!!

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