Tara & Will at the Daniel Island Club

Tara & Will were married on a gorgeous day overlooking the marsh at the beautiful Daniel Island Club.  Tara is from Aiken but moved to Charleston.  Will is from Florida, but moved to Charlotte.  Even though they’ve been dating for like 3 or 4 years now, Tara & Will have never really lived in the same place.  They will start their new life together in Charlotte after the wedding…finally together in the same town!  J 

Check out their Music Video below at www.chrisandcami.com/blog, then head over to www.chrisandcami.zenfolio.com to see the rest of the photos in their Online Gallery. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Tara & Will.  You guys were AMAZING to work with and I’m SO happy for you both!!! 



  1. by Darrell on June 25, 2010  3:42 pm Reply


  2. by Mely on June 25, 2010  3:42 pm Reply

    Gorgeous pictures.
    Good job :-)

  3. by Erin on June 25, 2010  3:44 pm Reply

    Tara just emailed me the link to her wedding photos and I think they are absolutely stunning!

  4. by Tara on June 25, 2010  3:44 pm Reply

    Hey Chris! I just saw that the wedding pics are up. They are absolutely wonderful. I can't say enough how great a job you did. As I'm sure you could tell, I hate having my picture taken. Thank you for giving me the shove I needed to take all these pics! You really captured some beautiful moments.

  5. by Aunt Renee on June 25, 2010  3:45 pm Reply

    Tara and Will, These turned out beautiful, feels like I am there again. Lots of love...

  6. by Jared on June 26, 2010  8:29 am Reply

    Chris, these pictures are incredible!!! I really love the B&W's...absolutely amazing!

  7. by Judy on June 26, 2010  8:29 am Reply

    Wow! Awesome pics!

  8. by Dan on June 26, 2010  8:30 am Reply

    Great shots Chris!

  9. by Fran on June 26, 2010  8:35 am Reply

    Oh Chris, this (first one) is a wonderful picture!

  10. by Valerie on June 28, 2010  10:30 am Reply

    Hey Chris! Thank for the link, those photos area so amazing...You know i always love your work! Tara looked great, as always! Hope all is well in the lowcountry...

  11. by kellie mccann on June 28, 2010  10:57 am Reply

    Beautiful Shots!! I love the shadows of the guys walking! Awesome! Also LOVE that macro shot!

  12. by Derrick Depaulis on March 17, 2011  1:57 pm Reply

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