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Head-shots for ATI
  • Head-shots for ATI

  • Advanced Technology International (www.ati.org) is an organization that builds and leads technology development collaborations. They help team members reach consensus, establish priorities and produce technology solutions. Working with their marketing department was a real pleasure. And everyone [...]
Southern Current Company Photos
  • Southern Current Company Photos

  • Yesterday I had a really fun photo shoot at Southern Current, South Carolina’s premier solar development company.  If you are looking for a renewable energy solution, these are your people!!! Going for a casual, modern style to fit the personality of this forward-thinking copmany, we decided on a[...]
The Silly Outtakes
  • The Silly Outtakes

  • I could have titled this so many ways!    "When Photo Shoots Go Awry"    "The Train Goes off the Tracks"    "You're on Candid Camera" The truth is, I absolutely love what I do! Life is just too short not to have fun, right? Plus I try to dig deep to bring out each person's personality...really[...]
Lou Hammond & Associates
  • Lou Hammond & Associates

  • I always enjoy meeting new people, and getting to know folks from different walks of life! Photographing head-shots and business portraits affords me the pleasure of connecting with interesting folks from from every corner of the globe. Plus it's an honor to be creating images that will help prom[...]
  • Studio Portrait for SCFCU

  • When we’re not shooting weddings and events on weekends, we photograph lots of head shots and executive portraits throughout the week.  South Carolina Federal Credit Union has been sending their employees over to us for a couple years now.  Jessica just joined their team and needed photos for a[...]
  • Real Estate Business Portraits

  • My friend and extraordinary real-estate agent, Nick Maffia, came over the other day to update his portfolio of images for his brochures, business cards, and marketing material.  He’s lost a lot of weight recently and looks GREAT!  Nick sold our old house and helped us buy the one we’re in.  I hig[...]
  • High-Key Headshots

  • Earlier this week I got to work with some of my favorite corporate clients at Colliers Keenan.  They’re doing some re-branding and decided to make all new headshots using a high-key white background.  I lit them with a single giant softbox and placed a reflector on the oposite side to open up t[...]