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Tajeda Family in Casco Viejo
  • Tajeda Family in Casco Viejo

  • While we were in Panama photographing Marri & Aldo's engagement session, I also had the honor of photographing a destination family portrait session for Aldo's family. Isn't his little niece absolutely adorable? The whole family was so fun and friendly, welcoming us to their beautiful country of[...]
Marri & Aldo's Panama Engagement Session
  • Marri & Aldo's Panama Engagement Session

  • Every now and then, a couple comes into our lives who somehow make our hearts feel full and free. Marri & Aldo are THAT kind of couple! I've known Marri for about 4 years now as I've worked with her on a professional level, photographing assignments for the company she works for. In fact, she[...]
Katie & Grayson at Magnolia Plantation
  • Katie & Grayson at Magnolia Plantation

  • Last weekend, Katie & Grayson's dream of a picture-perfect southern plantation wedding came true!!! The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and excitement filled the air! Magnolia Plantation was the gorgeous backdrop for the day. And Katie was absolutely stunning in her gown. What m[...]
Kathleen & Michael at the Francis Marion Hotel
  • Kathleen & Michael at the Francis Marion Hotel

  • I owe a HUGE thank you to the Lazicki family for recommending us to Kathleen's Aunt and Uncle!   They put me in touch with Kathleen and Michael, and we began chatting, emailing, and Skyping over a year ago. We got together over coffee one weekend when they were in town, finalizing plans[...]
Jennifer & Matt's James Island Wedding
  • Jennifer & Matt's James Island Wedding

  • When Jennifer called to ask if I was available for her wedding date, I was so excited to say YES!!! I had photographed her sister Ashley's wedding several years ago and remembered how much I loved working with their family then. It's been a pleasure getting to know Jennifer over the last few mont[...]
Bekah & Casey's Beautiful Wedding
  • Bekah & Casey's Beautiful Wedding

  • When I lay hiding in the itchy bushes, heart pounding with excitement, photographing Casey's secret proposal to Bekah several months ago...I had no idea that one day I'd also be photographing him placing the wedding band on her finger in marriage! http://chrisandcami.com/casey-bekahs-secret-propo[...]
Sarah & Todd's Shenandoah Wedding
  • Sarah & Todd's Shenandoah Wedding

  • Last week Sarah & Todd finally tied the knot on a beautiful hillside, overlooking a gorgeous lake, in picturesque Shenandoah Crossing Resort! Sarah & Todd were a personal referral through Cami's Aunt Marian, who is good friends with Sarah's mom and Sarah's aunt. Once we started talking to[...]
Darcy & David at St. Paul's Episcopal Church
  • Darcy & David at St. Paul's Episcopal Church

  • Photographing Darcy & David's AMAZING destination wedding in Augusta has been the highlight of our year! Darcy & Cami are long-time "tennis gals". And it's always an EXTRA honor when good friends like Darcy & David ask us to be a part of their special day. We can't thank them enough f[...]
Christina & Matt's Wedding at Indian Hills Golf Club
  • Christina & Matt's Wedding at Indian Hills Golf Club

  • As most folks know, I had a very unique childhood...spending my formative years overseas in Africa. Christina's mom did as well! We share the unique bond of having attended The American School of Kinshasa (TASOK), we speak the same dialect of Kituba, and we fought the same strains of malaria! :-) So[...]
Caroline & Matt & Turf Valley Resort
  • Caroline & Matt & Turf Valley Resort

  • When I photographed Matt's Secret Proposal to Caroline 6 months ago (http://chrisandcami.com/caroline-matts-secret-wedding-proposal/), it was one of the most humble moments of my 20+ year career! I could tell there was something truly special about these two...a connection on another dimension...spi[...]
  • Mihaela & Vicintiu's Romania Wedding

  • Yesterday I had the pleasant surprise of a wonderful phone call from Mihaela, who’s wedding to Vicintiu I photographed in Romania back in July.  She was in the US visiting friends and family.  I was so honored that she would take the time to reach out and thank me again for being a part of their [...]
  • Welcome to Romania!

  • As most of you know, I recently traveled to Romania.  Here are a few of my favorites of some young people dressed in traditional outfits.  We saw them warming up for a performance they had later that evening.  When my new friends Mihaela & Ana asked them if they’d be interested in working wit[...]