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  • Wireless Lighting Workshop

  • My heart was beating, my head was spinning, everything was happening so fast! Before I knew it, Virgil was introducing me and I was ON! I’m scared to death of public speaking. But I LOVE what I do and love sharing my passion with others! So after the initial jitters wore off, everything went gr[...]
  • Dixon-Hughes Executive Portraits

  • I just wrapped up shooting Executive Portraits for Dixon-Hughes, one of the largest accounting firms in the nation. The firm celebrates it's 50th Anniversary this year!They had me set up in their conference room. And I used my totally wireless system that I LOVE!!! This time I fired two SB-800 flash[...]
  • Just One Light

  • I couldn't resist! Here's a hilarious spoof on the classic Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan "Nothing But Net" commercial for McDonalds. With two of the biggest lighting gurus on the planet, Joe McNally and Scott Kelby, it's a hit![youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfTR3QtbDbU]
  • Strobist Gathering

  • Recently a bunch of us Charleston photographers, David Hobby followers, and Strobist aficionados got together for a little "Strobist Gathering". My good friend Charlie Thiel did a great job organizing it and helping the Canon folks with their questions about E-TTL. My buddy Robbin Knight set up an o[...]