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Charleston Winter Wonderland
  • Charleston Winter Wonderland

  • During the recent Charleston Winter Story, schools were closed, businesses shut down, and law enforcement asked everyone to stay off the streets! Having lived through the brutal winters of Michigan and Ohio, I'm quite comfortable driving in snow. But I wasn't about to place my life in the hands o[...]
Vancouver, WA
  • Vancouver, WA

  • We're in Vancouver, WA, where I'll be photographing a conference this week. Strangely enough, my oldest brother and his wife moved here last year! So we flew in a few days early to spend some time with them and do a little sight-seeing. :-)
Ella at Magnolia Plantation
  • Ella at Magnolia Plantation

  • One of the many joys in my life is teaching and inspiring others who share my love for the art of photography. This weekend I had the priviledge of mentoring Ella Crawford as she shadowed me for her 8th grade career day project in school. Since she loves wildlife, we spent the afternoon at Magnol[...]
Edisto Island
  • Edisto Island

  • Cami and I spent a week in a wonderful, secluded, log cabin on Edisto Island last week. We were there for our annual business planning, affectionately called the "Chris & Cami Photography Summit". But we also use the time to unplug, reconnect, and refocus. As part of that process, I was ab[...]
Center for Birds of Prey
  • Center for Birds of Prey

  • Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing a group of children involved in an immersive learning experience at the Center for Birds of Prey. Thank you Kara for the wonderful opportunity to see the wonder and awe in these young people's faces as they learned about these beautiful creatures![...]
Charleston Center for Birds of Prey
  • Charleston Center for Birds of Prey

  • Beautiful weather...beautiful birds...I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day at the Center for Birds of Prey! I've been attending their Photography Day events for several years now. These events sell out fast, and never disappoint! Most of these were shot with the new Nikkor 300mm f4 PF [...]
Wild at Wingswood 25th Anniversary Silver Celebration
Zugunruhefest at the Center for Birds of Prey
  • Zugunruhefest at the Center for Birds of Prey

  • I recently had the pleasure of photographing this AMAZING event at the Center for Birds of Prey: "Welcome to Zugunruhefest – the Southeast’s most comprehensive migration-focused birding festival. Zugunruhe (zu – gun – rue) is a German word derived from Zug (move, migration) and Unruhe (restlessne[...]
Center for Birds of Prey
  • Center for Birds of Prey

  • This spring I had the pleasure of attending one of the Photography Days at the Charleston Center for Birds of Prey. I absolutely LOVE visiting and supporting this amazing facility. The work they do to save and rehab injured birds, and the education programs they have for schools and communities, [...]
The Kites of Allendale
  • The Kites of Allendale

  • Last week I managed to find a little time to go photograph a fun personal project! I've heard of the amazing Kites of Allendale for several years, but never had a chance to get up there to photograph them. So I packed up the Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-400 f4 VR...my favorite wildlife combo...and h[...]
First Shoot with the Nikon D500
  • First Shoot with the Nikon D500

  • The day after the new Nikon D500 arrived, I took it out to Magnolia Plantation for a test. These are the results...ranging from ISO 800 at the beginning, to ISO 1600 of the squabling family, to 3200 of the pair peering into the water, and finally on up to 12,800 of the last shot!!! [...]
Maggie Valley
  • Maggie Valley

  • Taking a break from the flooded streets, power outages, and assorted mayhem left in the wake of tropical storm Joaquin, we headed to the mountains. Exploring the Great Smokey Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall is always a joy we look forward to. Visiting our friends Beth & Ken in M[...]