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Marri & Aldo's Minnesota Wedding
  • Marri & Aldo's Minnesota Wedding

  •   "We're all a little weird, and life's a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." - Dr. Seuss   I love this quote from one of my all-time favorite writers! I'm not calli[...]
Loryssa & Tony's Secret Proposal at Middleton Place Plantation
  • #LittleDittyBoutJeffAndDiane

  • Diane was a former co-worker of Cami's, a neighbor of ours down the street, and a close friend to both of us for many years. Getting to know Jeff through Diane has meant a lot to us. He is such an amazing and kind gentleman.  And he is so good to Diane! We could NOT be happier for the two of them!!![...]
Amy & Adam at Middleton Place Plantation & Garden
  • Amy & Adam at Middleton Place Plantation & Garden

  • I've known Amazing Amy for several years through the hair salon she manages. She is super fun, full of energy, and loves life to the fullest! Adam is her rock. He comes from a family with a history in law enforcement, and works for the Sheriff's Department. He's the strong silent half of Amy & A[...]
Austin Asked, Courtney SAID YES!!!
  • Austin Asked, Courtney SAID YES!!!

  • This morning was a magical start to my day! Not only was it a crisp, fresh, glorious spring day, but I got to do one of my absolute FAVORITE things in the whole wide world...photograph two young people giving their hearts to each other!!! Austin and I have been secretly planning behind Courtney's[...]
Dr. Giep Proposes to Michelle at Anson's Restaurant
Tajeda Family in Casco Viejo
  • Tajeda Family in Casco Viejo

  • While we were in Panama photographing Marri & Aldo's engagement session, I also had the honor of photographing a destination family portrait session for Aldo's family. Isn't his little niece absolutely adorable? The whole family was so fun and friendly, welcoming us to their beautiful country of[...]
Marri & Aldo's Panama Engagement Session
  • Marri & Aldo's Panama Engagement Session

  • Every now and then, a couple comes into our lives who somehow make our hearts feel full and free. Marri & Aldo are THAT kind of couple! I've known Marri for about 4 years now as I've worked with her on a professional level, photographing assignments for the company she works for. In fact, she[...]
Kyra & Jake's Engagement Session
  • Kyra & Jake's Engagement Session

  • Kyra & Jake met when she started working at an Outback Steakhouse about two weeks before he left for Navy Nuclear Power School. Luckily, he was smart enough to get her number before he left!!! :-) They've been together about 2 years now. But they still act like they just got together...young,[...]
Lacey & Paul's Secret Proposal
  • Lacey & Paul's Secret Proposal

  • Paul is the epitome of a true gentleman! Evidence of that is the care and attention to detail he put into a beautiful weekend for his future bride. I was honored to be a part of his plans to propose to the adorable Lacey! We emailed ideas back and forth, figured out the perfect timing, and talked[...]
Toni & Billy's Wedding Celebration
  • Toni & Billy's Wedding Celebration

  • Cami & I have been friends with Toni...well...forever! :-) So it was with great joy that we got to photograph her and Billy's beautiful wedding celebration last weekend at the West Ashley Outboard Motor Club!!! It was such a fun, intimate affair, with close family and friends gathered around [...]
Katie & Grayson at Magnolia Plantation
  • Katie & Grayson at Magnolia Plantation

  • Last weekend, Katie & Grayson's dream of a picture-perfect southern plantation wedding came true!!! The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and excitement filled the air! Magnolia Plantation was the gorgeous backdrop for the day. And Katie was absolutely stunning in her gown. What m[...]