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Aerial Assignment for Trident Construction
Citadel Square Baptist Church
  • Citadel Square Baptist Church

  • Citadel Square Baptist Church was the fourth Baptist church established in Charleston, South Carolina. The original “Citadel Square Church” is a daughter of the First Baptist Church of Charleston (est. 1682), the “mother” church of Baptists in the South. In 1854, approximately a dozen members of the[...]
  • Sarah & Seth's Beautiful Day in Rock Hill

  • Last weekend, I had the honor of photographing Sarah & Seth Beautiful Day in Rock Hill, SC!  They live in Charleston now.  But they’re from Rock Hill.  They’ve known each other since pre-school, but didn’t start dating until college. The wedding was held at Bethesda Presbyterian Church.  It’s[...]
  • Jackie & Chris at Sunrise Presbyterian Church

  • Jackie & Chris’ wedding has been a long time coming!  But through all the ups and downs of Chris’ fight with cancer, the families rallied together and victory was claimed!!!  I truly believe the difficult times in life draw us closer and strengthen our bonds beyond measure.  I was witness to t[...]
  • Joy & Michael on the Carolina Girl

  • Joy & Michael had an AMAZING wedding celebration last weekend!!! Their day started out at the fabulous Wentworth Mansion...a beautiful and historic place I always love photographing in. They were married on the Carolina Girl Yacht with The Battery as our scenic backdrop. Camille did a fantastic job [...]
  • Flash Freeze

  • I created this image at Erin & Jason's wedding last week. Everyone was marveling at how dramatic the moon was that night. It didn't take much prodding to get Erin & Jason to join me for a daring adventure to capture that drama in an image of them! :-)Working with a minimalist amount of gear, I had m[...]
  • Glorious Sunsets

  • Here's a glorious sunset over (or under?) the new Arthur Ravanel Jr. Bridge, which has rapidly become a symbol of Charleston. I caught saw this while driving home from a portrait shoot one evening and just sat and soaked up the light show...just STUNNING! I wise photographer once told me: "God only [...]