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Center Pointe Apartments for Novus Architects
  • Center Pointe Apartments for Novus Architects

  • I've been enjoying some challenging yet rewarding assignments from Novus Architects recently. The latest request was for some updated photos of Center Pointe Apartments that showcase the grand scope of the project. Normally a great way to do that is from the air. So I would typically recommend in[...]
Interior Design Photos for Sandy Ericksen
  • Interior Design Photos for Sandy Ericksen

  • It's always a pleasure working with Sandra Ericksen Design! We had so much fun yesterday photographing some of her beautiful arrangements and creative concepts. Although normally preferring to stay behind the camera, I even got a portraits of Sandy. If you're looking for a fantastic interior designe[...]
Headshots for Atlas Executive Consulting
  • Headshots for Atlas Executive Consulting

  • I had another fun round of head-shots with Atlas Executive Consulting last week! We've been using a special high-key setup, which they love. Here are a few favorites...plus some silly "out-takes". :-) Atals Executive Consulting, Charleston Business Photographer[...]
Headshots for Atlas Consulting
  • Headshots for Atlas Consulting

  • One nice thing about photographing head-shots is that I can stay completely compliant with all COVID-19 safety precautions! I set up in a corner where there aren't other employees, wipe down my cameras with alcohol wipes before I arrive, wear a mask, and shoot with a telephoto lens to keep my distan[...]
Aerial Photos for Trident Construction
  • Aerial Photos for Trident Construction

  • I love my job!!! Sometimes I get to do the coolest assignments. Yesterday I got to photograph aerial photos for one of my favorite clients, Trident Construction. I've done a lot of aerial photos for them with my drone. But we needed a few shots from a higher perspective than the drone legally all[...]
  • Headshots for Lee & Associates

  • It was a pleasure photographing Alex this morning for our wonderful clients, Lee & Associates! He seems like a great guy and a perfect fit for the team. I used a 2-light setup for this shoot using 4 Nikon SB-5000 flashes, 2 Westcott 60" shoot-through umbrellas, and 2 Manfrotto light stands. T[...]
Firefly Distillery for Trident Construction
  • Firefly Distillery for Trident Construction

  • What a fun coincidence!!! Cami joined some friends for a fun night of music during the Safe Sounds Concert Series at the Firefly Distillery Saturday night. They enjoyed "20 Ride: A Tribute to Zac Brown Band and Natty Grass". Check it out at www.fireflydistillery.com. I was bummed that I had a pho[...]
Aerial & Architectural Shoot for Seamon Whiteside
The Humble Speedlight
  • The Humble Speedlight

  • I'm often asked what kind of studio lights I use for all the beautiful head-shots and creative corporate work I shoot. Although I own plenty of powerful strobes designed by the legendary Paul C. Buff, the honest answer is that 99% of the time I use the humble Speedlight! Yes I carry a plethora of[...]
Brighton Park Emergency Center for Trident Construction
Mt. Pleasant Home for Elizabeth Allen Design
Headshots during COVID-19
  • Headshots during COVID-19

  • These are strange times we live in! But in order to keep our friends and loved ones safe, it's important that we change with them. Here at Chris & Cami Photography, we've taken steps to make sure that we are in-line with all CDC safety recommendations while on photography assignments. From cl[...]