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Sweigart Family Senior Portraits
  • Sweigart Family Senior Portraits

  • It's been five or six years since I last photographed the Sweigart Family. But I recognized them instantly...in spite of how much the kids have grown! Back on Kiawah Island for vacation this summer, we met up at The Sanctuary to update their family portraits. Plus since their middle daughter, Kar[...]
Gilligan Family at The Sanctuary
  • Gilligan Family at The Sanctuary

  • I was so bummed last year when the Gilligans called to see if I could photograph their family portraits again, and I wasn't available. I'd photographed their family the year before, and they were so much fun to work with! So this year when they called, I made sure to find a spot on the schedule for [...]
Morrison Family on Kiawah Island
  • Morrison Family on Kiawah Island

  • Adorable kids make me smile. Last night I had the joy of smiling A LOT!!! :-) It was so much fun photographing the Morrison family during their inaugural family vacation on Kiawah Island. They normally vacation a little further south at one of the islands off the Georgia coast. I'm so glad they d[...]
Muro Family on Isle of Palms
  • Muro Family on Isle of Palms

  • Every year I look forward to the famous Muro Family Reunion photo shoot with great anticipation!!! It's been so much fun capturing fun memories for this wonderful group for the last several years. Watching the kids grow (and having new kids magically join the group), has been so much fun for me. [...]
Grandparents and Grandchildren
  • Grandparents and Grandchildren

  • I had a lovely and unique photo shoot at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island this week! While they were in town on vacation with the whole family, Debbie and Russell had asked for a very special photo shoot with JUST them and their grandchildren.  Normally these family photo requests include everyone [...]
Hogan Family on Kiawah Island
  • Hogan Family on Kiawah Island

  • Earlier this week I had the pleasure of photographing the Hogan family during their much anticipated family reunion on Kiawah Island! With families spread across the US these days, it's always heart-warming to see everyone getting together to renew those family ties. One of grandma's biggest requ[...]
Grindall Family at The Sanctuary
  • Grindall Family at The Sanctuary

  • I absolutely love the Grindall family! They are such an amazing group of kind and generous human beings. I had so much fun catching up with them last night at our annual family beach shoot on Kiawah Island!!!  We started off in what I call the "Enchanted Forest" near The Sanctuary.  Then finished up[...]
Porello Family
  • Porello Family

  • Every 3 years or so, our family plans an extended family reunion. Being scattered all over the country, it's a special time of re-connecting catching up, and making new family memories together. It's always so special when I see other families getting together to do the same. And it means a lot t[...]
Roberts Family at Pepper Plantation
  • Roberts Family at Pepper Plantation

  • The soggy December rains kept ruining our plans for another annual Rogers Family Christmas Portrait. But Dr. Lori of Belle Hall Eye Care is such a wonderful, easy-going, and understanding human being! She kept rolling with the punches. And on the 3rd day of the New Year, we FINALLY captured her f[...]
Reviere Family at Hampton Park
  • Reviere Family at Hampton Park

  • For my last family portrait session before Christmas, what a pleasure it was to be with the Reviere Family! Their son is a recruiter for a financial firm in New York. And their daughter just started medical school at MUSC. So they all congregated in Charleston to be together as a family for the h[...]
Portraits of the Sevier Boys
  • Portraits of the Sevier Boys

  • It's been a real joy for Cami and I to know Kevin and Nikki Sevier since they were just a young newlywed couple. Watching their relationship blossom, and their family grow, has been very special for us. All grown up now, I had the distinct honor of photographing their two handsome young men at their[...]
Blandford Family at Waterfront Park
  • Blandford Family at Waterfront Park

  • Some days the work of a photographer is a real challenge...fighting the light...fighting the wind...fighting the heat...struggling to make a connection with your client. But last night's fun shoot with the Blandford Family was the EXACT OPPOSITE!!! I met up with everyone at Waterfront Park just a[...]