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Getting to Know your Nikon
  • Getting to Know your Nikon

  • Although I'm actually quite non-denominational, most folks know I'm a Nikon Afficionado. I love all the other brands, and have taught plenty of workshops where I had to even show Canon folks a thing or two on THEIR cameras. But I've been a Nikonian ever since my old film days. Last weekend I h[...]
  • Nikon D3s Announced

  • Last night Nikon announced the release of the BRAND NEW D3s. The new pro-series camera capitalizes on the formidable D3 features, adding increased ISO capability to 12800, a dedicated Live View button, and a built in sensor-cleaner. But of most interest to me is the addition of HD Video capability.C[...]
  • Joe McNally

  • Joining a packed house of photographers, I was at the Charleston Center for Photography last night being inspired by the legendary Joe McNally. I've met him several times and been to many of his presentations. But his stories never seem to get old. He's been a big influence on my work over the years[...]