Streets of Romania

Did you know Irish author Bram Stoker based his horror novel ‘Dracula’ on the fifteenth century Wallachian Prince, Vlad Dracul of Romania?  So many photos from my trip to Romania last month…still trying to find time to edit & share them all!  J  Here’s a few scenes from the streets.  Enjoy!


  1. by Barbara on August 16, 2010  3:56 pm Reply

    Simply STUNNING! You are my idol :-)

  2. by Nick on August 16, 2010  3:58 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful.....:-)

  3. by Tony on August 16, 2010  4:02 pm Reply

    not enough to shoot in the USA? lol

  4. by Talal on August 16, 2010  4:03 pm Reply

    Romania is nice Chris. I used to live there. Just be careful in some areas of Bucharest.

  5. by Leigh on August 16, 2010  4:06 pm Reply

    That's cool! You two have been doing a lot of traveling this year! :)

  6. by Rebeca on August 16, 2010  4:15 pm Reply

    Wow Chris! These are amazing photos! You really captured it!

  7. by Karen on August 16, 2010  4:15 pm Reply

    I miss being in Romania!!!!!!

  8. by Eve on August 16, 2010  4:16 pm Reply

    WOW! Chris,you are such a gifted photographer!!!

  9. by Karyn on August 16, 2010  4:16 pm Reply

    Chris, these images are gorgeous. I just looked through them 3 times! My hubby went on a mission trip to Romania several years ago and we've been wanting to go back together when we have the opportunity. Looks like an amazing trip, you captured it just beautifully. :)

  10. by Bill on August 16, 2010  4:22 pm Reply

    Chris, this (last shot) is a fantastic photograph! I love this image.

  11. by Anne on August 17, 2010  11:31 am Reply

    imi place asta!

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