Shelby & Jim at the I’On Creek Club

Last weekend, Jim & Shelby hosted one big CRAZY PARTY at the I’On Creek Club!!!  Oh, and they also got married.  J  The amazing Stacey at Red Letter Events coordinated everything.  Fred & Rob filled the air with soulfull sounds during the ceremony.  DJ Rob Duren rocked the house at the reception.  Granvilles Catering served the masses in style.  Paula from Buy The Bunch infused a gorgeous pallete of color.  And Ashley Bakery created a work of art for desert.  Check out the fun Music Video of Jim & Shelby’s day at  Then head over to to see the rest of the “evidence” of their beautiful event. 



  1. by Meredith on August 14, 2010  9:30 pm Reply

    Chris, I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING these photos are! I sat and looked at each one with tears streaming down my face--partly because they are so beautiful and I was reliving the day, and partly because I wish you had been the photographer at my wedding in Nashville! You are a very talented photographer and I'm glad you shot Shelby's wedding. Thank you for giving us these gorgeous photo memories!

  2. by Kellie on August 14, 2010  9:31 pm Reply

    I want this ring! very cool!

  3. by Mike on August 14, 2010  9:33 pm Reply

    Beautiful as usual Chris!

  4. by Dan on August 14, 2010  9:34 pm Reply


  5. by Tara on August 14, 2010  9:40 pm Reply

    oooh! I like this!!!!!!!!

  6. by Crystal on August 14, 2010  9:42 pm Reply

    You are incredibley talented. I just love to see what's next from your daily adventures. God Bless you always.

  7. by Rob Duren on August 15, 2010  10:34 pm Reply

    WOW! Those are some incredible pictures, Chris! Of course, I could see how hard you were working as I was spinning the tunes. I have no doubt Shelby and Jim will cherish these photo memories for the rest of their lives!


  8. by Liz on August 16, 2010  1:08 pm Reply

    You're like the Inspector Gadget of Photography!!

  9. by Eva on August 16, 2010  8:31 pm Reply

    These are awesome!

  10. by Mike on August 16, 2010  8:32 pm Reply

    Sharp as a tack!!!!!

  11. by Kelli on August 17, 2010  11:18 am Reply

    I have tears rolling down my cheeks...

  12. by Shelby on August 19, 2010  1:47 pm Reply

    We just got back from our honeymoon and we did get the CD's in the mail. We looked at the pictures online and they are awesome! I really don't know how Chris does what he does. He must be a part of triplets because it seems like he was in several places at the same time. I am so glad you guys decided to help us. I have had so many people say that they wish they would have had you guys do their weddings. Thanks again!

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