Sarah & Trent at Wide Awake Plantation

Sarah & Trent’s wedding last weekend was a deeply spiritual event.  You could just FEEL the presence of God in that place!  They were married underneath a giant oak tree overlooking the Stono River at Wide Awake Park, the original site of Wide Awake Plantation.  Cami & I got to know Sarah and her family during our time at Ashley River, where they all attend.  She’s going to USC and studying journalism.  (We were thrilled to loan her a film camera for one of her photography classes.)  Trent graduated from Clemson.  (I’m not sure exactly how THAT works.)  J  They went on a wonderful trip to India together.  And he proposed around Valentine’s Day.

Some of the unique things I loved about their wedding include:  the beautiful array of colors for the bridesmaids dresses; the peacock feathers in boutonnières, the flower girl’s basket, the reception tables, and the wedding cake; the candle jars for the unity candle, the moss pillow for the ring bearer, the various food station for the different people groups around the world, the contra dancing lessons at the reception, the throwing of spices instead of bird seed at their departure.  Visit to see a fun Music Video of their day.  Then head over to to see the rest of their Online Gallery.

Congratulations Sarah & Trent!  You guys inspire ALL of us to be better versions of ourselves.


  1. by Leslie on January 7, 2011  9:21 am Reply

    Ack! You made me cry again with this album. Beautifully done, friend. Beautifully done.

  2. by Juanita on January 7, 2011  9:28 am Reply

    Hi Chris, The wedding photos are gorgeous! I started the slide show and when it got to the first photo of Trent it literally took my breath away - it was in black and white - the next one was in color, so was even better. You caught his true beauty (not that I am a biased mother or anything :-)).

  3. by Thuy on January 7, 2011  10:06 am Reply

    Beautiful wedding. Chris you always capture the best moments."

  4. by Fran on January 7, 2011  10:09 am Reply

    You are such a good photographer Chris! The pictures are beautiful.

  5. by Rebekah on January 7, 2011  10:10 am Reply

    ohhh Sarah's got the eyebrow going up.

  6. by admin on January 7, 2011  11:13 am Reply

    Pictures are beautiful!!

  7. by admin on January 7, 2011  11:14 am Reply

    Thank you for all the kind words, you guys! I had an AWESOME time at Sarah & Trent's wedding!!! :-)

  8. by Sally Watts on January 7, 2011  5:46 pm Reply

    I LOVE the details on this wedding! The peacock feathers are just perfect. You did a wonderful job capturing a gorgeous bride!

  9. by Wilma Frazier on January 22, 2013  1:52 pm Reply

    Pls contact me, I work at the Town of Hollywood in charge of the Park venue.

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