Remote Wedding Rig

Since I’ve gotten such positive response to my other posts on using remote cameras, here’s a fun remote wedding rig I used at Rachael & Romaine’s wedding at the Kaminski House in Georgetown a few weeks ago.  I was working with the fabulous Elizabeth Hodges.  Before the guests arrived, I mounted a Nikon D300 with a 10.5mm fisheye lens onto the arbor they were getting married under.  The first image shows where the rig was mounted.  But of course for the shots I delivered to the couple, I took care to zoom a little tighter to crop it out, or to photograph from a position where the camera blended into the tree behind it.  Recently I’ve been using a Bogen Magic Arm to mount my remotes.  But for this setup, a simple Bogen Super Clamp with a Bogen Ballhead was a more compact solution. 

The remote camera had a PocketWizard Plus II Transciever on it, with a Flash Zebra cable connecting it to the 10-pin remote shutter release terminal.  A second transceiver was mounted to one of my D3 bodies and connected to the pc sync terminal.  Whenever I wanted the remote camera to fire, I simply turned on the transceiver on my D3 and squeezed off a shot.  The D300 would then fire simultaneously.  So in the second image, you see a tight shot of Rachael & Romaine exchanging rings.  I photographed that while crouching down in the isle, shooting up at them with a D3 and 70-200 VRII lens.  In the third image, you see the the shot from my D300 on top of the arbor, taken at the same time as the previous image.  You can even see me in the isle, in action, shooting that photo.  It’s great to see the close-up of he couple smiling sheepishly while trying to get the ring on…and see the parents giggling in the background…capturing the “moment” from both sides at the same time. 

Pretty fun stuff!!!  If you’ve never tried it before, I encourage you to set up a remote camera sometime.  Now you know how to do it…so what’s the excuse? 🙂     

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