RadioPoppers & PocketWizards, Oh My!

My good friend and fellow photographer, Robbin Knight, was covering Lisa & Justin’s wedding with me last weekend.  (  Like me, he’s another big fan of using every trick of the trade, including wireless technology, to cover all the angles and get our clients something unique and different.  So between us we had as many as 8 remote Nikon SB-800 strobes AND a remote Nikon D300 firing at the SAME TIME!!!  The strobes were being fired via RadioPoppers and the D300 was being fired via PocketWizards.  

For our bird’s eye view of Lisa & Justin’s Horah, Robbin used his 96” ShureLine pole, normally used to hold a remote flash, but that we had modified to hold my D300 with a 10.5mm fisheye.  He triggered the camera with a PocketWizard, which fired the on-camera SB-800, which told the RadioPopper to fire all the remote SB-800s.  Meanwhile, there I am in the crowd getting the “inside” view with my Nikon D3/14-24mm combo, triggering the same remote flashes via a RadioPopper mounted on my SB-900. 

It’s always so much fun working with Robbin.  We had a BLAST!!!  Plus Lisa & Justin couldn’t have been more fun to work with…


  1. by Elizabeth on March 24, 2010  10:56 am Reply

    This is the coolest thing! You just get better and more creative all the time. I enjoyed meeting Robbin and hope I'll get to work with him again in the future. Thanks for capturing such precious moments and emotions for my clients.

  2. by Teri on March 24, 2010  10:58 am Reply

    That just affirms my reason as to why I ALWAYS recommend you! Your work is stunning.

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