Photographing Classic Cars

My good friend and fellow photographer, Gary Coleman, invited me to join him on a big photo shoot last week.  We spent the 12-13 hours a day in chilly New Hampshire photographing this AMAZING collection of Classic Cars.  The hours may have been long, but we had a BLAST!  Gary and I always have fun working together and this week was no different.  Each new vehicle they’d wheel in, our jaws would drop, and we’d look at each other like “we get PAID to do this?!?”.  Anyway, enjoy the fun time-lapse video along with some of the final images at


  1. by Robbin Knight on March 29, 2011  11:08 pm Reply

    LOVE THE TIME LAPSE VIDEO!!! I would say the most expensive (and my favorite) would be the Shelby Cobra. Now if you could have only done a few test laps, strictly for documentation purposes of course............ ;-)

  2. by Bill Nixon on March 30, 2011  9:47 am Reply

    Very, very cool you two. Love it guys.

  3. by admin on March 30, 2011  5:08 pm Reply

    Thanks Robbin! Thanks Bill! Glad you enjoyed it...

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