Photographers & Friends

Our good friends and fellow photographers, Bill & Kelli Nixon, stayed at the “C&C; B&B;” last weekend while they were in town shooting a couple weddings. They used to live in Charleston but have gone bi-coastal on us…living in Colorado and jetting into town for assignments every month or so. We miss them!

P.S. I love how Marley is right there at our feet…he ALWAYS thinks he’s the center of attention whenever people are around. 🙂


  1. by Anonymous on October 9, 2009  6:35 am Reply

    okay I'm sad...BOTH Bill and Kelli were in town and I didn't get to see them (again)....:(

  2. by Bill and Kelli on October 9, 2009  9:51 am Reply

    In the famous words of the Governator, "We'll be back."

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