Patricia & Michael at Summerall Chapel

Last weekend Tricia & Mike tied the knot at Summerall Chapel on The Citadel!  Their reception followed at the Carolina Yacht Club in downtown Charleston.

Tricia is a 1st Grade teacher…and we all know I have a big heart for teachers since my parents were educational missionaries and still teach even now that they are retired!  Mike traveled a lot since his Dad was a contractor for the Army… Guam, Puerto Rico, and all over the US.  So we had a lot in common too.  But what really struck me about these two is just how much IN LOVE they are!  J   I could tell they were close during their engagement session.  But even on their wedding day, with all the secret letters and gifts going back and forth…Tricia & Mike are soul mates indeed!  I love the story of how Mike proposed.  After picking out her ring all on his own, he planned a really amazing proposal at Waterfront Park as they watched their first sunrise together, then arranged to meet ALL their family and friends that he had secretly invited to join them for breakfast afterwards.  Isn’t that cool?!?

Check out their fun Music Video at  Then head over to to see the rest of their Online Gallery.

Tricia & Mike, I absolutely LOVED being a part of your special day.  Remember to CHOOSE to make each new day special for each other!!!



  1. by Mike on October 26, 2010  7:01 pm Reply

    Chris, you rock. Thank you for the amazzing memories and fun times.

  2. by Clay on October 26, 2010  7:07 pm Reply

    Love this pic(s)! What a celebration it was!

  3. by Dan on October 26, 2010  7:08 pm Reply

    Fantastic shot(s), Chris!

  4. by Heather on October 26, 2010  7:10 pm Reply

    what great and creative pics!! love them!

  5. by Rachel on October 26, 2010  7:19 pm Reply

    AWWW very cute ideas!

  6. by Leigh Webber on October 26, 2010  7:27 pm Reply

    I love the shot where you can see the bride through the window and her mom and another lady in the mirror. That's awesome!!

  7. by Suchmaschine on October 27, 2010  11:12 am Reply

    Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog... 34

  8. by Tricia & Mike on October 29, 2010  11:02 am Reply

    How we got engaged:

    Little did Tricia know that Mike had been planning this day for more than 5 months. He always knew how he wanted to propose and started putting it together. Mike's parents were in town for a week for Mike's birthday and Mike's dad's birthday. We had a shrimp boil Thursday night at Mike's grandfather's house and "Papa" told me he would see me Saturday morning for breakfast at 6:30am at Saffron. I was furious that I was not going to get to sleep in on Saturday but said yes since his parents were in town. So I woke up EARLIER than I get up for work, rolled out of bed and we got in the car. We were halfway there when Mike's phone "rang" and his dad and Papa said they would be 45 minutes late so Mike asked for suggestions and James suggested watching the sunrise at the battery, I suggested going back to bed and reminded him the the sun sets over the battery and rises near waterfront park (James had forgotten the name of the place) so we parked and walked over by the pineapple fountain. Mike's mom, sister and James walked behind the fountain because Angela's shoes hurt her feet. Mike and I stood there for a while watching the sunrise and talking. After a few minutes I turned to see Mike's mom walking back towards us and kept turning and 40 people were behind her including family and friends. I turned around and called Mike a nutcase a few times supposedly and he started talking and said "I love you so much, I brought you here for a brand new day to symbolize a new beginning..." He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him and I said "yeah" through laughter and tears. Mike had everything planned including having my camera there and many others, video cameras, everyone had met at my church and Mike coordinated a tour bus (Thanks Aunt Bitsy) to take everyone to Waterfront park so I wouldn't see the cars. His family and James had decorated the parish hall at my church and had cooked breakfast for everyone! It was amazing how our family and friends were included and were there to celebrate. It was beautifully planned, down to the manicure he got my mom and I the weekend before. I loved every minute!!! We had the entire day to celebrate with family and friends and just to enjoy being engaged!

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