Night Heron at White Point Gardens

White Point Gardens down by The Battery is known as a breeding area for Yellow-crowned Night Herons in Charleston. After a really fun engagement shoot in that part of town last night, I hung out and watched them go about their busy tasks of preening, gathering twigs, and mending nests. 

This image was photographed with a Nikon D300, Nikkor 200-400mm VR, and TC14eII mounted to a Wimberly Sidekick on a Bogen/Manfrotto tripod. Effective focal length was 840mm.  I’ll be speaking about Avian Photography at the Hilton Head Sun City Birding Club on July 6th if anywone is interested… 


  1. by Elizabeth Cook on May 8, 2011  8:17 pm Reply

    Thanks so much for posting. We were there that Saturday, and I was trying to identify what type of bird it was. I figured out it was some sort of heron, but didn't know which type. We took pictures also, but none came out like yours. Thanks!

  2. by admin on May 9, 2011  10:03 am Reply

    Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I photograph a lot of portrait sessions in that park. This time of year I always have to caution my clients to be careful walking around under those trees...don't want to have a nice surprise dumped on you when you're trying to look your best for portraits. :-)

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