New Year = New You

It’s a NEW year! Welcome to 2014!!!

It’s also a NEW WORLD! The society we live in is very visually oriented, driven by imagery. I you haven’t had a new head-shot, business photo, or executive portrait done in a while, IT’S TIME!!! Your “image” is getting stale. You need to change it up, freshen it up, and take it to the next level! After all, your image is everything!!!

Dr. Geier had me do some new headshots to go with his move to a new location, and his rebranded website. Knowing how valuable his time is, I brough my portable studio system to his office, set everything up, and got the shots…which he was able to approve immediately afterwards on our wireless display. It didn’t hurt a bit…I promise! And he was able to get right back to his patients and to doing what he loves.

It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Dr. Geier. And I look forward to doing the same for you…

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