Lightbending 411 in Hilton Head

Several months ago, Rich from Sun City in Hilton Head Island asked me if I’d be willing to com speak to their Photo Club. I was HONORED! So today I came down here and had a fabulous time talking to a very enthusiastic group of over 100 passionate photographers. Rich said it was about the largest turnout they’d ever had!!!

Marge was kind enough to model during the “Live Demo” portion of the program. This part always makes me nervous since all these eyes are staring intently at what I’m doing.  And since I’m shooting tethered to Lightroom, they see the results instantly on the big. If I mess up, they all see it! 🙂 Fortunately, everything worked beautifully as I demonstrated the A-B-C’s of creating a simple but interesting portrait in a short amount of time, in a boring conference room. Here’s the sequence of images… progressing from Main Light only, to Main Light + Background Light (gelled blue and shot through window blinds), to Main Light + Background Light + Rim Light (with amber gel and Honl grid).

Of course the “secret sauce” in my wireless system is the amazing RadioPopper Px system! This technology is what allows me the freedom to hide flashes inside window blinds and behind subjects, while still controlling them from the Master flash on the camera!!!

Many thanks to Nikon, RadioPopper, ThinkTank, Zenfolio, MPIX, FlashZebra, and all the other folks that help make our programs happen!

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