Light Bending 411

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Patty Hallman and the Professional Photographers of South Carolina for inviting me to teach my “Light Bending 411” wireless lighting workshop in Columbia yesterday!  We had about 30 AMAZING photographers there.  I loved working with our three gorgeous models.  Erika is an incredibly elegant creative dancer.  Her young prodigy, Lea, was simply beautiful.  And Megan was such a gorgeous bride.  Last but not least, a special thank you to the crazy group from Charleston that drove up to participate.  It was great to have a few familiar faces in the crowd!!!  More to come soon…


  1. by Patty on September 19, 2010  6:18 am Reply

    You were awesome, Chris. Thanks for everything!

  2. by Katie on September 19, 2010  6:19 am Reply

    I'm sorry that I missed you Chris! Maybe you can do a repeat at convention!

  3. by Veronica on September 25, 2010  1:03 pm Reply

    Yet again.... a true blessing to the rest of us!

  4. by Harold on September 25, 2010  1:05 pm Reply


    I attended both of you lighting presentations in Summerville and Columbia. Both were great and I learned something new each time.

    If you ever do another lighting presentation, please let me know, I am willing to travel. I have attended many presentations over the years and I can tell you that yours is one of the best. You keep it practical, usable, and understandable.

  5. by Patty on September 25, 2010  1:06 pm Reply

    So glad to hear you're in high demand for doing workshops. Everyone I've talked to, members and models, have just raved about you and how nice you are. I agree wholeheartedly!

  6. by Patty on September 25, 2010  1:07 pm Reply

    Everytime I hear Chris Smith give a workshop, I learn something new that I can use to make my photography better. He knows how to use light and portable flashes like a true master of the craft. He truly wants to pass that knowledge on to improve the work of other photographers. His enthusiasm for great lighting and great photography is inspirational!

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