John McEnroe, Todd Martin, Chris Evert, & Martina Navratilova

The reason for leaving the Peng/Vesnina semi-finals is because Alice and I had to go photograph a VIP Event at the Daniel Island Club. It’s rare that either of us is “star-struck”. But the amount of GREATNESS in that room was staggering! And we were both giddy with excitement. 🙂


  1. by Bill Nixon on April 10, 2011  6:31 pm Reply

    Used to love watching Johnny-Mac play.....and yell at the official.

  2. by admin on April 13, 2011  4:14 pm Reply

    Yeah...he's still a bit of a ham! :-) On top of photographing Johnny Mac at the Game, Set, Rock...I got to be the private photographer for Dunlop at a VIP tennis clinic John put on. Sometimes I don't know if his gruff personality isn't just the "image" he's marketing, or his true identity. Anyway, he's a character for sure...

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