Jessica & Tevin’s Folly Beach Engagement Shoot

I met Jessica & Tevin at the beautiful cove by the historic Morris Island Lighthouse on Folly Beach the other to photograph their Engagement Session.  It was looking a little dicy with the weather.  But between my enthusiasm and their energy, we decided to go for it!  About half way out I bumped into my good friends and fellow photographers, Jennifer Bearden, and Tammy & Kevin Bevins, both heading back in from their family sessions.  Jennifer even gave me a hard time about the plastic ziploc baggies I had covered my remote flashes with in case they got wet!  But I knew that days like these often yield magical bursts of dramatic light before the sun bids fairwell for the night.  WOW did we get one of those bursts!!!  ABSOLUTELY awesome skies for an absolutely wonderful couple.  In fact we had so much fun towards the end that I can’t even show you some of the steamier shots from the end of the shoot…J


  1. by Jeanine on August 16, 2010  2:52 pm Reply

    Super Fantastic!!

  2. by Freeze Frame on August 16, 2010  2:53 pm Reply

    Absolutely incredible images...a combiantion of being in the right place at the right time and knowing how to push the right buttons on the camera.

  3. by Lynn on August 16, 2010  3:06 pm Reply

    Sooooo beautiful!! Looks like you're in Hawaii. :)

  4. by Jennifer on August 16, 2010  3:14 pm Reply

    Love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. by Kimberly on August 16, 2010  4:13 pm Reply

    Hey Chris! In April you took some beautiful engagement photos of me and my fiance in downtown Charleston and at Folly Beach in front of the lighthouse. Well yesterday my family and I went to visit the lighthouse and it made me think of our "photo shoot" and it totally made me SMILE! Thanks again for the gorgeous pictures! From both of us, you rock! :P

  6. by Amy on August 16, 2010  4:14 pm Reply

    oh i love this one!

  7. by Mark on August 17, 2010  6:29 am Reply

    You are the "LightBringer" !!

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