Jessica & Keith’s Family Beach Portraits

A few days ago I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Jessica & Keith’s family portraits on Isle of Palms.  I photographed the usual shots on their rental property, then offered to shoot some of them on the beach at no charge.  It was a beautiful evening, cooler weather than last week, and an absolutely GORGEOUS sunset to work with.  As a bonus, the tide was going out and left all kinds of interesting tidal pools in the soft sand.  I asked if everyone was crazy enough to get a little wet, and they were all for it!  I LOVE the shots at the end with the reflections from the tidal pool they are sitting in.  J  Such a neat family…so much fun to hang out with these guys.  Enjoy…


  1. by Amy on July 9, 2010  7:44 pm Reply

    LOVE the locations on these!!

  2. by Kate on July 9, 2010  7:47 pm Reply

    Love this................

  3. by Al on July 9, 2010  7:52 pm Reply

    Thanks again for allowing me to come join the Charleston Photographers group for lunch - what an amazing wealth of knowledge!

  4. by Cindy on July 9, 2010  7:57 pm Reply


  5. by Dana on July 9, 2010  8:32 pm Reply

    What beautiful pictures! Your pictures always bring tears to my eyes.

  6. by Nicole on July 9, 2010  8:32 pm Reply

    I am so stoked for your busy-ness. You are great photographer, so it's easy to see why you get so busy! I am impressed that you took the time to write me! Thank you, thank you..

  7. by Liz on July 13, 2010  5:55 pm Reply

    Wow. They got some air!!! Beautiful.

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