Jenna & Amit at Patriots Point Pavilion

Jenna & Amit are a rare couple! During their fun Engagement Shoot downtown, I discovered just how well they fit together, and how full of life they both are. So I know I was going to have a BLAST on their wedding day…which TOTALLY came true!!! 🙂

I caught up with each of them at their respective beach houses. Then we headed over to The Pavilion at Patriots Point. The weather was perfect…light breeze, not too hot, just right! It’s always a pleasure to work with Amanda at Southern Chic Weddings…and today was no different.

The reception was held under the Big Tent. With an exceptional selection of music (way to go Amit), and a guest appearance by the most amazing Billy Joel tribute soloist I’ve ever heard, everyone had a great time. Click Here to check out all the photos.

My heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Amit & Jenna!


  1. by Anonymous on October 2, 2009  5:58 am Reply

    Wow! Those are amazing. I am placing an order now.

  2. by Anonymous on October 2, 2009  6:05 am Reply

    Oh Chris - They are beautiful! Not that I am surprised...
    - Amanda

  3. by Anonymous on October 2, 2009  6:06 am Reply

    Hi Chris - We haven't had a chance to look at all the pics bc of a slow connection here (on our honeymoon), but the ones we looked at were amazing!

    Amit and Jenna

  4. by Anonymous on October 4, 2009  1:31 am Reply

    Amazing photos!

  5. by Anonymous on October 6, 2009  10:26 am Reply are so talented and easy to work amazing photo after the other...thanks so much for capturing this special day so beautifully...

    Nancy ...mother of the bride

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