Jackie & Chris at Sunrise Presbyterian Church

Jackie & Chris’ wedding has been a long time coming!  But through all the ups and downs of Chris’ fight with cancer, the families rallied together and victory was claimed!!!  I truly believe the difficult times in life draw us closer and strengthen our bonds beyond measure.  I was witness to the evidence of these bonds time and time again throughout Jackie & Chris’ wedding day.  It is such an honor and a privilege to have been able to share in this special day with such an AMAZING couple! 

Jackie & Chris were married at the gorgeous Sunrise Presbyterian Church on Sullivan’s Island.  After the ceremony, we walked across the beach to sink our naked toes in the sand and get some fun shots of the wedding party.  Then we joined the PARTAAAAY on the Carolina Girl Yacht.  I always love working with Captain Bob and his crew…they are top notch and always make sure everyone has a GREAT time on board! 

Enjoy Jackie & Chris’ fun Music Video at www.chrisandcami.com/blog.  Then head over to www.chrisandcami.zenfolio.com to see the rest of their photos.  CONGRATULATIONS Jackie & Chris.  You guys are a very special couple to me and I will never forget sharing this beautiful day with you!


  1. by Capitol Focus on June 5, 2010  1:06 pm Reply

    As always, great photography, Chris and Cami!

  2. by Kellie on June 5, 2010  11:26 pm Reply

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  3. by Shawn on June 5, 2010  11:27 pm Reply

    You are such amazing artists. These pictures are incredible and I love the personal touch you give to all of your clients with your encouraging reflections about their events. You two ROCK!!

  4. by Talal on June 5, 2010  11:33 pm Reply

    i love this pic (of the rings)

  5. by Nathan on June 5, 2010  11:42 pm Reply

    Good lighting! I once had a grandmonther tell us that she was very disappointed because the picture we took of the bride right there (in the church) didn't show the stained glass very well.

  6. by Shannon on June 7, 2010  9:25 am Reply

    chris and jackie,
    What a beautiful wedding! i felt like i was there looking at all your awsome pics. May God surround you with lots of love and his blessings.
    Love Shannon

  7. by Tara on June 7, 2010  9:26 am Reply

    This is a great set of photos - totally captured the love and spirit. Well done!!!

  8. by Tara on June 7, 2010  9:27 am Reply

    Frickin' sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. by Sue on June 7, 2010  9:36 am Reply

    The pictures are fantastic! What a tallent you and Cami have.

  10. by Jackie on June 19, 2010  10:47 am Reply

    Hello Again Chris!

    We are FINALLY back from our honeymoon. THANK YOU so much for the fantastic job you did. Chris, our friends, our family, and I LOVE the photos that you took. I cannot thank you enough for spending the day with us and capturing these moments. I will certainly be the first to refer you whenever possible...

    Thank you again for everything! I look forward to chatting again soon!

    Jackie (French) McIntosh :)

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