Heather & Sam at Trinity United Methodist

Heather & Sam were married Saturday at the historic Trinity United Methodist Church. As a visual artist, I absolutely LOVE military weddings! 🙂 Heather & Sam’s was no exception. They were both so photogenic, easy going, and wonderful to work with. Their reception was held at the Dunes West Club House. These are just a few of my favorites. Click Here to see the rest of their AMAZING story!



  1. by Anonymous on December 11, 2009  12:32 pm Reply

    I recently was prompted somehow to look at your blog and website. You’re work looks great Chris. I had memories of learning from you back at TASOK on the camera and in the dark room and am so glad to see you enjoying photography to the great new levels you have been able to move on to!

    - Scott

  2. by Anonymous on December 11, 2009  12:37 pm Reply

    Superb Shots!

  3. by Anonymous on December 12, 2009  5:45 am Reply


  4. by Anonymous on December 12, 2009  7:45 am Reply

    ur very good at doing MAGIC with just the speedlights....Really like your style...hope to see more.

  5. by Anonymous on December 15, 2009  1:33 pm Reply

    We admire you and your work so much! I suppose you know I refer to you as my mentor!
    - Kelli

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