Falling Whistles

A few weeks ago, Cami & I hosted the amazing team from Falling Whistles as they made their stop in Charleston along their Nationwide Tour designed to elevate the conversation in this country about the war in Congo.  Wait, there’s a war in Congo?

The Democratic Republic of Congo (the country I was born in) is home to our world’s deadliest war since WWII. Over the last decade more than 6 million people have died, and nearly 1,500 people continue to lose their lives daily. Sexual violence is more rampant here than anywhere else in the world, and thousands of children are involved in the war. Why?

There are a number of reasons, dating back over a century. The conflict has been tied directly to the country’s vast natural resources. They are both a blessing and a curse, making Congo a country of great potential and a frequent victim of exploitation.

The Falling Whistles campaign launched with a simple response – make their weapon your voice and be a whistleblower for peace in Congo. Read the story and buy the whistle. Proceeds go to rehabilitate and advocate for war-affected children. Share their story and speak up for them.

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