Faces of Romania

As days turn into weeks…and weeks turn into months…I often catch myself thinking of the amazing people I met in Romania.  It’s hard to believe that was July and we’re now moving into September!  So I thought I’d post some of the images that gripped me the most from that amazing experience.  Not surprisingly, they were all images of the beautiful faces I met along my journey.  Enjoy!


  1. by Terry on September 1, 2010  5:37 pm Reply

    Best thing about it, even if you never took one picture, the Romamian people never forget, for the better part they are loving and giving and you will always have a family in Romania.

  2. by Vickie on September 1, 2010  5:38 pm Reply

    Amazing faces! The eyes tell their story...

  3. by Loren on September 1, 2010  5:39 pm Reply

    Love your pictures. I like the way you included an interesting background into the layout.

  4. by Jeanine on September 1, 2010  5:39 pm Reply

    Amazing Chris you need to do a book of them!

  5. by Libby on September 5, 2010  3:06 pm Reply

    Sweet, sweet memories. Thanks Chris for this beautiful reminder of our time in Romania.

  6. by Nathan Bell on September 10, 2010  3:09 pm Reply

    Phenomenal work, Chris. It must have taken a lot of out of the ordinary effort to get these shots. So good.

  7. by Alyona on September 10, 2010  7:43 pm Reply

    Love love love these!!! You captured every person so beautifully! It's my dream to go back to Ukraine one of these days and photograph some of the people in the village where I grew up in. Hits close to home :)

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