Dixon-Hughes Executive Portraits

I just wrapped up shooting Executive Portraits for Dixon-Hughes, one of the largest accounting firms in the nation. The firm celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary this year!

They had me set up in their conference room. And I used my totally wireless system that I LOVE!!! This time I fired two SB-800 flashes into a large softbox (seen on left) instead of using the Westcott shoot-through umbrella as my main light. Fill was provided by the reflector (seen on right). I almost used the dry erase board that was already there instead! 😉 Hair light was a Westcott Apollo with a domed SB-800 in it. It was triggered by RadioPopper. The others were fired by Nikon CLS.

I popped up the Old Master’s canvas background and fired away on the Nikon D2x with 70-200 f2.8 attached. I used the D2x instead of the D3 because I have the WT-2a wireless transmitter on that camera, allowing the images to magically appear on my laptop as I’m shooting. Each indevidual can then go through their shots right then and there to make sure they’re happy with them. 🙂


  1. by Anonymous on November 16, 2009  10:11 am Reply

    Hey Chris!

    Long time no talk! Howve you been? Ive seen some cool stuff come through the blog the past few weeks. Sharapova using your image, thats pretty cool!

    Im always impressed with the ease you pull off what you do. Keep it up!


  2. by Anonymous on November 16, 2009  10:18 am Reply

    You rock! - Mary Ann

  3. by Anonymous on November 16, 2009  12:15 pm Reply

    Chris, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this. It is wonderful for us up and coming photogs! I just wanted you to know that your tips and tricks are really appreciated.
    - Robbie

  4. by Anonymous on November 16, 2009  12:17 pm Reply

    Thank you again for everything and we will definitely call you if & when the need arises for a photographer.
    - Betsy

  5. by Anonymous on November 16, 2009  12:17 pm Reply

    Chris, you are so generous to share info. Thank you for sharing endlessly.
    - Virgil

  6. by Anonymous on November 17, 2009  4:52 am Reply

    I'll second Robbie's thank you for sharing Chris. I've learned a ton from you and your CLS shooting is what I'm trying to develop myself. Thanks man!
    - Jeff

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