Deborah’s House…a Mission of Love

Recently I had the honor of photographing an assignment for International Missions. The charge was to tell the story of some AMAZING women and children living in Tijuana, Mexico, that were victims of domestic violence and horrible abuse. “Deborah’s House” is a shelter that was founded by Ray & Adalia Schellinger-Gutierrez. Visit their website at and make a choice to help someone who desperately needs it!

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  1. by Anonymous on November 18, 2009  9:25 am Reply

    Hey Chris!

    I just got back from a trip to Iowa on deputation and have done quite a bit of speaking already. I have developed several new presentations, all of which culminate with showing the video that you made. (The song "amazing" is ringing through my head all the time now. It's a good thing.) The response has been, well, simply amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Seeing these faces, after hearing their stories, truly sends the message home of the need for Deborah's House, and the diference that it makes in real lives.
    The video is perfect. Thank you!

    - Ray

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