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Family Circle Cup 2015 - Christina McHale at Joint Base Charleston
Family Circle Cup 2015 - All Access Hour
Family Circle Cup 2015 - Day 1
Family Circle Cup 2015 - Player Party
  • Family Circle Cup 2015 - Player Party

  • Welcoming all the players to Charleston, and officially kicking off the Family Circle Cup, this year the Player Party was held at the one and only Mynt! It's always so fun to see the players relaxing, hanging out, and just being themselves. [...]
Family Circle Cup 2015 - Family Day
Family Circle Cup 2015 - Iconic Photo Shoot
Grace's Model Shoot at the Old Charleston City Jail
  • Grace's Model Shoot at the Old Charleston City Jail

  • Personal projects are what feeds the creative soul! It's what professionals photographers do on their spare time to keep the fire burning with passion. When Grace decided she wanted to do her own Model Shoot...something totally different...I was super excited! I've photographed Grace's family, al[...]
Toyota Southeast Comtrollers' Conference
  • Toyota Southeast Comtrollers' Conference

  • I drive a Toyota Highlander. So it was quite fitting that my good friend and crazy-cool photographer, Gary Coleman, asked me to cover this really fun event for Toyota! The 2015 Southeast Toyota Comtrollers' Conference was held at the Charleston Marriott. But their main corporate event was held a[...]
Trident Healthcare Service Awards
  • Trident Healthcare Service Awards

  • Trident Healthcare is celebrating 40 Years of service to the Lowcountry!!! Each year they honor their top employees from all around the lowcountry, at the Trident Healthcare Service Awards Banquet. I've had the pleasure of photographing this corporate event for the last few years. This year's gal[...]
Ashley & Kent's Engagement Session at White Point Garden
Caroline & Matt's Secret Wedding Proposal
  • Caroline & Matt's Secret Wedding Proposal

  • "I am stationed at the Navy Nuclear Power School in Goose Creek. I will be graduating on March 20th, and I plan on proposing to my girlfriend downtown later that afternoon." WOW!!! Matt wrote this to me back on February 5th! I think it is SO COOL when guys make such special plans, so far in advan[...]
Foggy Boneyard Beach
  • Foggy Boneyard Beach

  • Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve & Wildlife Management Area is a state preserve I love visiting periodically on Edisto Island. It was formed in the 1930s from the merger of the Colonial-era Sea Cloud Plantation and Bleak Hall Plantation. Then in 1977, it was given to the state as a wildli[...]