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Fashion Model Photo Shoot
  • Fashion Model Photo Shoot

  • A few days ago we wrapped up photography on a project that we've been shooting over this past summer. It's for a super-cool, up-and-coming, yet-to-be-announced publication. Those are the only details I'm allowed to divulge at this time!!! Many thanks to our clients, Susan and Julie for their visi[...]
  • T-Mobile "In Crowd" Awards Banquet

  • Last night was the annual T-Mobile Awards Banquet in Charleston. It's always one of my favorite corporate events of the year! While I photographed the banquet, award recipients, and general event coverage, Gary and Cami handle the setup and operation of the print-on-site "Fashion Booth". Gary is [...]
Olman's Bridal Shoot
  • Olman's Bridal Shoot

  • Now that Olman & Craig are married, I can FINALLY share some of her gorgeous Bridal Portraits from downtown Charleston!!! Believe it or not, it was a dreary and drizzly afternoon. But since Olman & Craig had driven all the way from Atlanta to get these portraits, we had to work around it.[...]
Olman & Craig at Charlestowne Landing
  • Olman & Craig at Charlestowne Landing

  • What a joy it has been to get to know Olman & Craig over this past year! We absolutely LOVE these guys!!! Olman & Craig met through work, where they are execs at AT&T in Atlanta. They were looking to for a spot to have a nice destination wedding that had a beautiful courtyart surround[...]
Chris Explores the Charleston Charm
  • Chris Explores the Charleston Charm

  • It's been an honor to photograph the Attaway family for many years. When I got the chance to work with Chris individually, I jumped at the chance! Chris is a great guy, with striking good looks, and a deep knowledge of the history and architecture of Charleston. So we decided to do our shoot in s[...]
Caroline & Matt & Turf Valley Resort
  • Caroline & Matt & Turf Valley Resort

  • When I photographed Matt's Secret Proposal to Caroline 6 months ago (, it was one of the most humble moments of my 20+ year career! I could tell there was something truly special about these two...a connection on another dimension...spi[...]
Darcy & David at Runnymede Plantation
  • Darcy & David at Runnymede Plantation

  • Cami & I are so happy for Darcy & David!!! Darcy has been a great friend and tennis partner for many years. When we finally met David last year, and saw the way these two looked at each other, we knew the stars had lined up just right. Soon after, David asked Darcy to be his wife! :-) [...]
LaCoste Family on Seabrook Island
  • LaCoste Family on Seabrook Island

  • I can't believe it's been 6 years already since Kate & Dustin's beautiful wedding! I've been photographing this wonderful family for years. But this was the first time I got to meet the two NEW additions to the LaCoste/Ham clan! Jake & Tyler were an absolute hoot! Alex has gone on to the [...]
Kristen & Michael on the Carolina Girl
  • Kristen & Michael on the Carolina Girl

  • After last weekend's wedding, I felt like I had been given a golden ticket to the party of the century!!! I had so much fun getting to know Kristen & Michael, and photographing all the special moments of their beautiful day! Kristen was absolutely stunning in her beautiful gown. And Michael w[...]
Lou Hammond & Associates
  • Lou Hammond & Associates

  • I always enjoy meeting new people, and getting to know folks from different walks of life! Photographing head-shots and business portraits affords me the pleasure of connecting with interesting folks from from every corner of the globe. Plus it's an honor to be creating images that will help prom[...]
Trevor's Office
  • Trevor's Office

  • I had the honor and pleasure of photographing Trevor & Britt's beautiful destination wedding in Costa Rica last year: So when Trevor called to say he was flying into Charleston for a couple days, and needed some new profile pictures, I j[...]
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